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The Directors and management of HP STEENKAMP INC recognize the value of your personal information and take the responsibilities outlined within the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 seriously. To this end, a comprehensive DATA PRIVACY POLICY document has been implemented and circulated amongst employees of the firm. This Policy contains the rules related to your personal and special personal information together with the details of the firm’s appointed Information Officer. This Policy furthermore sets out the necessity to obtain your consent before processing personal information, conditions in terms of which information is to be processed and under which circumstances and to whom your information may be shared.


The firm is committed to not:

  1. Sell your personal information to any third party for consideration;

  2. Share personal information with unapproved property practitioners and other third parties unrelated to your matter;

  3. Share personal information of clients with each other unless necessary for a specific purpose to which you have agreed;


The firm is committed to:

  1. Adhere to the core principles set out within POPIA;

  2. Ensure that sufficient cyber security measures are taken to protect your information and email contents;

  3. Arrange continuous training of all employees of the firm and all persons, authorised by the firm to process personal information.

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